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Go Green with go-hub!!!!
The go-hub kit is the flagship top of the line electric bike conversion kit made by Crystalyte.
The go-hub kit is the ONLY conversion kit on the market that features a front mounted controller and NO EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS to plug in except for the battery power wire.
This is the only kit on the market that is "ready to run" right out of the box!!
Simply install the motor on your front fork, the throttle on your handlebars, the rear rack with battery and run just ONE wire from the front controller to the rear battery and plug it in.
That's it. Your done!! Turn the key on and ride your new electric bike!!
Our trike kit is also "ready to run" out of the box
We designed the go-hubTM kits to be the best quality and easiest to install conversion kits available.
The designs of the go-hubTM kits are manufactured by Crystalyte exclusivly for Largo Scooters and these kits are only available through us or one of our many authorized reputable go-hubTM dealers.
Published go-hubTM newspaper article click here

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note: slime tube is no longer included with kit.
UB brand batteries are now used instead of B+B brand.
2008 Topeak trunk shown is no longer used

2008 rims are all silver and not black inside as shown in this picture.

Our latest exclusive go-hubTM twist throttle now features a split grip with built in power gauge and matching left grip!!
Split twist throttles prevent accidental starts when mounting or dis-mounting your bike or trike.

go-hubTM 24" Trike Kit
$649. Delivered
Largo Scooters introduced the new
CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM motor kits, bikes and trikes in 2004.
We are the exclusive worldwide go-hubTM distributer and have designed these kits for ease of installation and top performance using the best quality components available.
Our new 2011 CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM electric hub motor bike kits offer you the very best value and performance in the world today!!
Our new 2011 kits feature heavy alloy rims with heavy gauge stainless steel spokes.
We have designed these kits to be a huge improvement over any of the competitions electric bike conversion kits.
There are NO EXTERNAL CONNECTORS on the go-hubTM kit. Every other brand kit on the market uses external connectors which are prone to failure. The CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM also uses a BRUSHLESS MOTOR. Other brands use a BRUSHED motor which is not as efficient or quiet and will also need the brushes replaced eventually which involves dismantling the entire wheel!
The top of the line CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM kits are the best conversion kits in the business HANDS DOWN!!
The main component of our 2011 26" CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM conversion kits is the 600 watt (750 watt peak) Crystalyte #408 brushless, gearless, silent hub motor. This motor has no moving parts. The motor itself spins around the center shaft/axle. Max rider weight 250 lbs.
The 24" CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM trike kits use a Crystalyte #409 motor which has slightly less speed but has more torque to handle the extra weight of a trike. Max rider weight 300 lbs.
The go-hubTM CRYSTALYTE motor is a direct drive motor and is virtually silent!!
All you will hear is the rush of the wind.
Shipping weight kit: 25 lbs. 5 oz.
Shipping weight batteries, charger and trunk: 32 lbs.
Weight of kit installed on bike: 47 lbs. 12 oz. (32 lbs. batteries,trunk charger and 15 lbs. 12 oz. for the rim, spokes, motor, controller and throttle).
Tool kit included for easy installation
The CRYSTALYTE go-hubTM Motor Kit is also available installed on our go-hubTM mens Retro-7 go-hubTM ladies Retro-7 and go-hubTM Sun e-trike
The 26" kit offers a choice of thumb or twist type throttle.
Both have a built in power gauge.
Read what our customers have to say about the go-hubTM kit HERE

go-hubTM 26" 36 volt kit with thumb throttle
$649. Delivered
throttle type


Add Safety Brakes
Order online or call 212 315-1424
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Our lower profile trunk/battery bag expands for more room. The go-hubTM low profile trunk attaches to the rack with velcro straps that are attached to the trunk. The go-hubTM trunk has an expandable top to hold the 2 amp charger. The low profile go-hubTM trunk comes standard with the 24" go-hubTM trike kit. The low profile go-hubTM trunk features a built in key switch, charger/accessory expandable top, side handle, reflective safety strips, and velcro straps. Charging is done using the same Anderson connector that is used for the main power to the controller. When charging with this bag the key must be in the ON position.

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Our new 2011 low profile trunk has an expandable top to hold the 2 amp charger, lock etc. Built in key switch
note: trunk not shown with Topeak rack that comes with the 26" and 700cc kit.

New 2009 Topeak MTX EX trunk
no longer available

Retail dealers wanted
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Note how "clean" the 26" go-hubTM 400 kit looks installed on our Kruiser 7 e-cruiser

Note: Topeak trunk is the older discontinued 2008 version
Notice in the photo that there are no external connectors or excess wires to deal with!! Installation is a simple matter of removing your bikes front wheel, tire and tube. Mount your tire and tube onto the go-hubTM wheel then mount the new wheel onto your front fork.
Before you order check your bike for the following front fork measurments: The fork must be rigid and made of steel (chromoly is the strongest) and must be at least 3.75" wide at the dropouts (where the wheel bolts on) and 3" wide between the forks 4" up from the dropouts for motor clearance. The shaft/axle of the motor is a standard 10mm so the dropout holes MUST be this wide to fit the axle of the motor. Note: If you are un-sure of your bikes measurements please call.
Customers who return kits due to improper fork clearances will be charged all shipping costs.

Mount the thumb throttle to the handlebars and clamp or wire tie on the electronic controller to the front of the steering tube (26" and 700cc kits). By mounting the controller onto the front of the bike this allows for better cooling and a neater look. The 24" Trike kits need to have the controller mounted to the rear seat tube.
Mount the Topeak rear rack and slide the Topeak EX Trunk battery pack onto it. For a lower profile battery trunk order the kit with the go-hubTM low profile trunk that velcros onto the rack.
Run the power wire from the controller back to the trunk, plug it in and you are done!! Carry your charger with you and charge your batteries anywhere just by plugging the charger into the batteries and taking the AC wire out of the trunk and plugging in!!
The go-hubTM Kit comes "ready ro run" out of the box with all of the components connected inside of the controller which makes installation very quick, neat and easy with no messy looking external connectors or excess wires.
The only connection that you need to make is for the battery!!
You are now ready to experience the fast silent ride of your new go-hubTM electric bike or trike!!

The new go-hubTM electric hub motor kit features:

Crystalyte #408 500 watt (750 watt peak) brushless hub motor with powerful rare earth magnets laced to a 26" or 700cc or 24"(#409 motor) Heavy duty alloy wheel with stainless steel spokes.
Crystalyte 20 amp instant start controller with 80C thermal cutoff protection. Motor, throttle and battery wires are already connected inside of the controller for easy installation and neat appearance. This new controller has just been released by the manufacturer and utilizes all of the latest upgrades. The internal motor, throttle and battery connection design is a go-hubTM exclusive and not available anywhere else!!
20 mph (15mph for the 24" wheel) and up to 30+ mile range
36 volt 12ah battery pack with (3) high quality 12V12ah sealed lead acid batteries installed and wired inside of trunk. All of the battery pack wiring is 12 gauge wire crimped AND soldered and covered with heat shrink tubing. Battery connection from the controller is heavy duty 12 gauge wire.
Choice of: Deluxe Topeak MTX EX Trunk that slides and clips onto the heavy duty Topeak Explorer black alloy rear rack with track for easy on and off. No straps or velcro needed!! Or: go-hubTM low profile trunk with alloy rack. The go-hubTM low profile trunk is standard for the 24" trike kit. Trunks have a shoulder strap and side pockets.See our accessories page for more details on the Topeak trunk and rack.
20 amp inline fuse inside the trunk.
On/Off Key Switch access at the front of the trunk.
Crystalyte 36 volt 2.5 amp charger with XLR plug that can be carried with you in your low profile or Topeak Trunk. Charge your batteries anywhere. Note: the battery charger for use with the go-hubTM low profile trunk uses an Anderson connector for charging which plugs into the same Anderson plug on the battery pack that is used for power to the controller.
Thumb Throttle with battery power gauge. Twist throttles are also available for the 26"and 700cc kits and also have a built in power gauge. The 24" Trike kits use the twist throttles. Throttles are already connected to the controller. No need for external connectors.
Anderson 30 amp Powerpole battery connectors
Tool kit which includes allen, and spoke wrenches
Wire ties.
90 day warranty.
Easy to understand installation instructions with diagram included and also online here: 26 and 700cc kit installation instructions
Optional safety brake levers are available. These levers replace your stock brake levers and will cut the power to the motor when brakes are applied. Must be used for Canadian orders.

The go-hubTM conversion kit can be installed on most mens and ladies bikes with 26" wheels.
You are no longer limited to the small selection of electric bikes on the market. Now you can choose your own brand and style of bike and electrify it with the best conversion kit you can buy!!
We also offer the 26" kit with our mens or ladies go-hubTM mens Retro 7 e-cruiser go-hubTM step thru Retro-7 e-cruiser or any of the 26" Miami Sun bikes HERE
Our 24" wheel kits are made specifically for trikes and will fit a Miami Sun 24" wheel trike perfectly.
The 24" trike kit has all the components of the 26" kit except that it comes with a twist throttle and smaller trunk bag. No rear rack is required. Our go-hubTM Sun e-trike comes with 3 speed Shimano hub, stainless steel spokes, alloy rims and canopy top
The go-hubTM Sun e-trike with all components will be shipped to your local bike shop for assembly and installation. We will pay $100 towards the assembly.
There is no competition for the go-hubTM Conversion Kits, bikes and trikes.
We use only the highest quality components available to make go-hubTM the best in the business!!
go-hubTM.......The Silent Ride!!

Katie riding silently by the beautiful scenery of Lake Mead Nevada
Photo Courtesy of Andy Rhodes

Customer Feedback

"Hello Danny!! I installed the go-hub motor kit today. It runs like a dream! I bought a Roadmaster 26' from Walmart for $53.00, and the go-hub System fits Perfect! Eventually I intend to swap the tires for a decent road tire. When I took my first ride, the looks from people working on their lawns was funny as heck. I'm cruising along in about 14th gear with minimal pedaling, and the puzzled looks on peoples faces was a real riot. I could see the "How the Heck is he going so fast" look lol!! I live in the country about 12 miles from work, and actually am writing this letter from work. I rode my bike with the go-hub System to work in 22 mins. This ride would normally take about 8 mins in my car, but the advantage of fresh air, a little exercise, and 5 cents to recharge the batteries sure does beat paying 2 bucks a gallon for gas. I assure you my high praise for the go-hub System will be heard by many in my area. The go-hub is Awesome!
Thanks again Danny for all your support and endless tolerance to all my questions on the phone. Your professionalism is most admired and your product is a solid winner. Thanks for the great communication and dedication to your customers. You've got my respect Sir!
Good Luck to you and thanks a Million!! Michael, Pa."
more customer feedback

go-hubTM Motor Technology

The go-hubTM motor has three phases, or power supply wires (think of this as a 3-cyclinder automobile engine.) Each of these phases fires in succession with the others, determined by the "Central Brain", or what is called the "PWM (pulse width modulation) Controller." Inside the motor on the outer perimeter there are many "rare earth magnets".
Closer to the center of the motor are the wire coils, also wired in three phases. As a pulse of electricity is sent to the motor from the controller the coils create a strong magnetic field, which repulses them from the magnets and causes the motor to advance (rotate) away from the magnets. The controller then sends another pulse of electricity and the next phase fires, rotating the motor even further. It's helpful to think of our automobile engine example: 3 cyclinders - each firing one after the other.
There are three power (phase) wires going into the hub motor, and five Hall Effects Sensor wires coming out of the hub motor. The Hall Effects wires are used only to help the motor start from a dead stop.
The go-hubTM motor is brushless so there are no brushes to wear out as in a brushed motor.
Since there are no parts touching each other inside of the motor it runs virtually smooth and silent!!

go-hubTM 400 installation instructions

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