After World War II, the utilization of helper motors mounted on bikes spread rapidly in Japan, making it simpler for individuals to move around and transport merchandise. This was the beginning stage of assembling for Honda.

From that point forward, Honda has offered shape to wide-going delights and the fun of riding on two wheels, through such items as the Super Cub, which arrived at 100 million unit’s achievement in 2017. In September 2014, Honda’s combined overall bike creation arrived at the 300-million-unit achievement. Making bikes with the fundamental objective of carrying bliss and fulfillment to individuals fills in as the beginning stage of Honda.



Why Honda became the epitome of industrial excellence?

The history

Honda’s first undeniable bike, the wonderful maroon-hued Dream D-type appeared with an air-cooled 98cc 2-cycle single-chamber motor. It was delivered at the Noguchi plant in Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka. The principal abroad race-tested by a Japanese rider on a Japanese cruiser was the São Paulo City fourth centennial festival worldwide engine race. Mikio Omura (No. 136) rode hard to complete the thirteenth.

In 1961, Honda started knockdown creation in Taiwan. In 1963, Honda forayed into the European market by starting sulked creation in Belgium. From that point forward, Honda extended its creation bases around the world, and by 1997, was delivering vehicles at 32 bases in 27 nations.


The innovation

In ecological fields, Honda will quicken activities for a zero-emission society by effectively advancing the viable utilization of environmentally friendly power, acknowledging Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV), and elevating jolt in attempting to likewise accomplish a zero-discharge society.

Honda is creating mechanized drive, and driver-assistive advances, expecting to furnish individuals worldwide with the delight and opportunity of impact-free versatility in this mechanized society where numerous kinds of portability, like vehicles and bicycles, coincide.


The Future

Driven by its fantasies and mirroring its qualities, Honda will keep taking on difficulties to share delights and energy with clients and networks around the planet to endeavor to turn into an organized society that needs to exist.